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Silicone Engineering Consulting

Kevin Yacoub

Principal Consultant

Silicone Engineering Solutions provides emerging and established silicone-based companies with innovative solutions to their developmental

and manufacturing challenges



Our main objective is to source the most current materials available and provide process engineering expertise.  Whether you are a company in early stage product development looking to identify a formulation and process best suited for your future application, or you are an established company looking to bring an outsourced manufacturing process in-house, Silicone Engineering Solutions can provide assistance and support.   Our broad experience in Manufacturing, R&D, and Product / Process Development is what is most valuable to our clients and what separates us from other consultants whose expertise is limited to specific disciplines.


With a unique and broad exposure to both formulation development and process engineering of silicone elastomers, Silicone Engineering Solutions truly has the expertise to provide a “BIG PICTURE” consulting focus when dealing with your specific application.  It is based on many years of successful involvement and exposure to a wide variety of activities including custom formulation, chemical and mechanical analysis, tooling design, product and process development, regulatory support, and general research. 


Clients trust Silicone Engineering Solutions to deliver customized and innovative “hands-on” solutions that address and solve unique process and product challenges.  We are committed to providing technical and professional expertise for every project we work on.  Our approach is to work closely with our clients’ technical staff to identify all the critical components of a project in order to ensure a successful outcome within your budgetary and regulatory constraints.


Whether you are interested in developing an efficient process around a pre-qualified silicone formulation, or you are considering silicone and require expertise in identifying a formulation that is best suited for your specific design requirements − contact Silicone Engineering Solutions and let us assist in providing the right solutions to meet your material and manufacturing needs.

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